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 Why Star Spangled Heroes Was Formed

The nonprofit was formed to help and acknowledge our veterans of the US Armed Forces . We plan to thank every veteran for their service with a Certificate of Appreciation, along with supporters of our military, and to help any veteran and his/her family in need.  
Achieving these goals will be made possible by donations, both public and private, fund raisers, and grants. We will also hold social and recognition activities by involving civic groups, school groups, military groups and the general public.   
We pride ourselves that 95% of all donations go directly to serving our veterans. The other 5% goes towards operating costs.

Our Purpose

  • To thank every veteran & supporter with a certificate of appreciation.

  • Help veterans and their families with everyday living & expenses

  • Provide social and recognition activities.

  • To provide a furniture bank to help homeless veterans move into their own apt.

  • At Christmas have a collection of items for veterans in nursing homes.

  • Provide special activities to veterans in Veterans Homes.

  • Help soldiers transition into veteran daily life.

  • To provide a food bank for veterans and their families.

  • Promote National Military Appreciation Month in May

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